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‘Poor as this place is, it is still a home’ –

A weaver's room in Spitalfields.

Our Victorian city dwellers moved frequently. After moving house myself I wondered why they moved and what gave them a sense of belonging? How did they find stability moving from lodging house to lodging house? And how did the lack of personal objects hinder memories?

The Coachman’s Story: who were they?

Painting of a stage coach

The original role of the coachman took many guises. He may have worked on the stagecoach, the mail coach, for a doctor, for other professionals, or for families of the middling sort, and of course for the upper classes. It Read more…

Agricultural Labourers: stepping out from the shadows

Ploughing 20th century photo

Three decades or so ago, many family historians would have felt a tinge of disappointment to discover their ancestors were agricultural labourers. Possibly because those working within the farming industry of the 18th, 19th and to some extent the early Read more…