About Us

We are a small business based in Greater London. All our work is highly specialised and produced by three people; this means we research your family history, write your reports, answer your emails and telephone calls, design the website, market and maintain the business between the three of us!

Our first forays into the world of family history began when we started to research our own family trees back in 1985/86; between us we have combined experience of 54 years! We are still as enthusiastic as ever about ancestry and family history and working on your family tree means that your ancestors and surnames become as important to us as our own.

We believe in very high standards, we have been taught well – see below. All family trees and family histories researched by us are verified through evidence and documentation. All work is original and comes with a genealogy research guarantee which means that wherever possible proof of ancestry is provided and our work is of the highest quality.

Please read our legitimate Testimonials for an illustration of our customer satisfaction.

Principal Genealogist

Our lead genealogist holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Genealogy, Palaeography and Heraldic Studies from the University of Strathclyde and has been a professional genealogist for more than thirty years. As the founder and Principal Genealogist of Family History Gifts, she and her team have helped thousands of clients navigate rare and archival materials to trace their lineages. A trained reference librarian and music cataloguer, she has a particular interest in theatrical personalities and hereditary theatre families of the eighteenth century, as reflected in her blog about trumpeter Abraham Adcock (www.abrahamadcock.com). Her current book project, Recording the Nations (under contract with Pen & Sword) is a study of the work and lives of nineteenth-century census enumerators. A regular user of the London Stage Database, she has become an advocate of the project in genealogy and music history circles, referencing it in blog posts, podcast appearances, and articles for popular outlets like Family Tree Magazine. 

Personal Development

This new section will list current personal development courses and lectures we have attended or are currently undertaking:

  • PG Cert, Genealogical, Palaeographic & Heraldic Studies, University of Strathclyde – “impressive… submission, research work and your web page”
  • Genealogy business – lecture, Dr. Bruce Durie
  • The myth of brick walls and bulletproofing your research – lecture, Dr. Iain Macdonald
  • National Archives – Palaeography
  • Records of the Great Courts: Chancery, Exchequer, etc. – lecture, Michael Gandy
  • Genetic genealogy and the history of surnames – lecture Dr. Iain McDonald.
  • Advanced DNA – lecture Dr. Iain McDonald.

Online courses

Coming soon – a series of free online genealogy courses.

Genealogy Gift Experiences

One-to-One with a Genealogist

Spend a day with a genealogist. We will get you started on your genealogy journey or assist with your ancestry problems.

Genealogy advice session


If you require assistance with your research, why not request a consultation? Meetings can be arranged in person or by Skype.

Customer Review

“Before going to Family History Gifts my Grandmother had made many attempts at researching her family history however each time never got very far. For her 80th Birthday my family and I decided to group together and organised a research package 2 as her birthday present.

“Although it seemed a little expensive at first, as the research begins you realise the shear amount of work and effort they put in to make sure they don’t miss a pebble unturned in the chaos of family heritage. As the research progresses you get constant updates informing you of new findings and you can send it photographs which can be added to your final book.

“Finally when the report is done you get a fantastic document that becomes invaluable to your family which can be passed on for generations. Thank you to everyone at Family History Gifts who made this process so effortless. Well Done!”

Family History Gifts Review 2

David Hirshfield

I gave Family History Gifts a big request in a small time frame, but not only did they manage to complete it they done so in a thorough, professional and highly efficient way, my finished family tree proved a great hit with all my relatives over Christmas!”

Family History Gifts Review 3

Leslie O'Shea

"This is second time I have used this service. I had tried to research my paternal grandmother's family myself but got stuck very quickly. I was really impressed with the detail and evidence provided by Michelle. ”

Family Tree Gifts Review 1

Cheryl Jones

"The team was thorough in its search and thank you michelle for your understanding with the lack of information I had for you to research considering that it was an excellent report, will use again soon.”