If you were given a Genealogy Experience that had not expired before 23 MARCH 2020 and you still have not taken it, you MUST book and complete your  experience by 31st December 2022. No further extensions will be given. Please read the important information on our COVID-19 update page before you book.

Due to a massive COVID related backlog of Genealogy Experiences, we have temporarily marked many of our services as Out of Stock. We will gradually restore them when the backlog starts to clear.

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"... My son gave me a Gift Day as a present and, after an interesting and enjoyable day with Michelle who gave me many other sources and ideas to investigate, I now feel encouraged to carry on with my research."
Vicky Kennedy
“... As the research begins you realise the shear amount of work and effort they put in to make sure they don't miss a pebble unturned in the chaos of family heritage."
Nikita Payne
The descendants of today are the ancestors of tomorrow...