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Model Number: FHG-PC1
If you want to give someone something special for their birthday, Christmas or for an anniversary, our photo colour service might be just what you need. Photos are precious mementos and we can bring them to life with colour! For a quote and an assessment, just complete the form at the bottom of the description below.
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Categories: Photo Colouring
Manufacturer: Family History Gifts
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Photo Colourisation

The process of hand colouring can be quite lengthy even in the digital age. To achieve wonderful results we use a digital palette and brush, no artificial intelligence used (i.e. a click of a button) – please see our video of many hours work condensed into a speed colour!


As experienced artists, we use special techniques for faces based on portrait painting including blending, enhancing natural highlights and creating shadows for added depth in cases where historical photos can seem quite flat. A great deal of attention is paid to try and create a natural authentic look including researching historical details (we are also historians trained to post-graduate level).


How much does it cost?
There are three categories to guide you. We make the final decision on which category applies to your photo once you have uploaded it for our assessment.   


Category One: Plain

  • The photo has a maximum of one to two figures in plain clothing. 
  • The background is plain with no patterns

      £30 (With slightly patterned background and clothing add £15).



Category Two: Busy

  • The photo has a maximum of five figures in plain clothing with one or two background objects.

          £55 (With clothing patterns, trees and foliage etc add £25).



Category Three: Very Busy

  • The photo has six or more figures and/or
  • Is of crowds, street parties or street scenes.

It may include buildings, vehicles, vessels, house and building interiors from £80.



Colouring under-exposed or over-exposed photographs

Photos taken using old technology can be a problem. Over-exposed photographs may absorb any colour applied to a point where it is barely visible and therefore the final result may be uneven.


Under-exposed photographs may appear over-saturated with colour, though there is more chance of achieving a result; it should be said, however that colours may still not be the same as a person remembered them e.g. great aunt Alice’s auburn hair!



Do you restore photos?

Unfortunately we cannot offer this service, so any photo you send us should be restored prior to commissioning a colourisation.


To receive a free assessment

Please use the upload tool below to send us your photo and we will make an assessment about what is possible and provide you with a quote. For the best results your photo resolution should be a minimum of 300 dpi.


Once a price has been agreed…
We will send you an invoice for a 50% deposit. We will then work on the photo and send you a watermarked proof. Once you okay the proof, we will send you an invoice for the remaining 50% and will email you the finished photo once the full amount has been paid.


In some circumstances, it is better for us to upload the image to online storage where you can download it. If this scenario occurs we will email you the download link.



IMPORTANT So you can receive our emails you must do the following:

a/ add our email address to you email address book or contact list, and if possible,

b/ whitelist the same email address with your email provider.

This will ensure swift and uninterrupted communications.



Can you send us a hard copy of the coloured photo?

At present we can only send you a digital copy.


What happens if I don’t like the proof?

We will work with you to determine any problems and do our best to correct them.


How long does it take?
We can complete within 7 business days from payment of the deposit, but please be aware we want the finished product to be perfect! If we are particularly busy and are aiming for perfection, time frames might be tricky. We can also be quicker than 7 days, however much depends  upon our other work commitments and the complexity of the photo.


E-mail us about turnaround times if you have a pressing gift day.


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