Personalised Family Tree Chart

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Personalised Family Tree Chart (From £50)

Personalised Family Tree Chart (From £50)
Personalised Family Tree Chart (From £50)

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Personalised Family Tree Chart (From £50)

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Personalised Family Tree Chart.

Prices start from £50 plus postage. Final price will depend on size of chart printed and level of customisation.



Our beautiful wall chart design can be personalised by us on your behalf. We can personalise the title for the gift recipient. We can manually add the names you give us or you can submit a GEDCOM file. The chart will be printed on 120 gsm paper and sent straight to you.


What’s a GEDCOM file?

A GEDCOM file is a list of all the individuals in your family tree, with all their dates of birth, marriages, and deaths exported as a date file. The GEDCOM format was designed for the easy sharing of family trees.

Most family tree software programs have an export to GEDCOM facility. Websites such as Ancestry, Findmypast, My Heritage and FamilySearch also offer the export to GEDCOM tool.


Size of chart
Wall Charts

If you want a wall chart, then ideally it should not contain more than 60 people. The more people you have on the tree, the wider the chart grows and you may not have a wall large enough for it.


Rolled Charts
A rolled-up chart can be any size up to 42” in height and 24 metres in length. Trees with a 1000 people or more may require very long charts. Long charts can be hard to view and floor space is required.


In summary smaller charts are the best, try to concentrate on recent family or ancestors only.

Use the Contact Us form to discuss your requirements.


How long does it take?

If we only have to print from a GEDCOM file please allow 14 – 21 days. If we also have to manually add all the individuals, we can discuss this with you.


Do you do have vouchers?

Yes, we can send you a digital presentation gift certificate pack with a pdf certificate and a guide for the gift recipient about this service.