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Per Hour Family Tree Research

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Per Hour Family Tree Research

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This service is for individuals who are actively researching their family tree/or a person and who are already in the process of finding ancestors and building a portfolio of documents. They may require a professional genealogist to:

  • Help them if they are stuck with their research,
  • Look for records in archives that have not yet been digitised and therefore cannot be accessed by the customer.
  • Look at a particular individual or family.


​​​Which archives do you visit?
We will undertake research on behalf of a customer at the following locations:

  • Society of Genealogists,
  • London Metropolitan Archives,
  • National Archives (Kew),
  • The British Library,
  • Essex Record Office,
  • Suffolk Record office,
  • Other London Archives.

There are single extra admin fees for research at the Suffolk Record Office and the Essex Record Office.

If you are unsure where the records you require are held, please contact us first to discuss your requirements.


Research in general

We can undertake general family research - i.e. not at specified archive - just Contact Us with your enquiry.



What does the £65 price cover?
It covers an initial 2 hours of research plus travelling fees. It does not cover copying of documents or ordering documents. If you wish to have documents copied or we require documents for your research, these can be negotiated (see below) and you will be invoiced for them after the research has been completed.



What are the charges for copying documents?
They will vary from record office to record office. Some record offices will insist that a document is scanned; this may cost as much as £50 per page. Photocopies (if allowed) can range from £0.25 - £1.50.

Some record offices allow digital scans to be uploaded to USB or sent by email. They may still charge for this service.

The copies required will be discussed with the customer prior to research.



Can you provide transcriptions instead of copies?
Yes we can, but keep in mind transcriptions may cost more than acquiring a copy. For example, a Chancery Proceeding may cost £18.00 to copy, but £45 to transcribe. Ask us for advice when we contact you after you order.

If you require a secretary hand or court hand document to be transcribed for easy reading we can also do that for you, please enquire.



How many hours will I need for research?
It takes much longer to look through original documents than most people think. Looking for just one person in a family tree can be the equivalent of reading a 250 page paperback in hours. If you don't think two hours will be enough, you can select up to ten extra hours in the options above.

For example, if you 'Add 2 hours' (£50) from the options above to the £65.00 (base cost), you will get four hours of research at your chosen record office.

If you are unsure contact us first.



How long does it take?
It depends on how many bookings we already have and the nature of your query. Every case is different. On average it can take anything from two weeks - three months depending on the project, but be prepared for longer or shorter.

Results will be sent by email unless copies have been requested.



Do I still have to pay if you don't find anything?

Yes. You are paying for a professional researcher's time, not for results. If they are spending hours and expenses on your behalf, using skills you do not possess, they deserve to be paid.



Terms & Conditions
Please read our Terms as they are part of our contract with you and are legally binding under English law.

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