Organising and Printing Family Tree Research (Quote)

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Organising and Printing Family Tree Research (Quote)
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Organising and Printing Family Tree Research (Quote)

Organising and Printing Family Tree Research (Quote)
Organising and Printing Family Tree Research (Quote)

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Organising and Printing Family Tree Research (Quote)

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Organising and Printing Family Tree Research Quote

Many individuals will work on their family tree for years, but will never get around to comprehensively organising their research into a cohesive structure. As genealogists we provide tree structure everytime we undertake research for customers and so this facet of research is familiar to us. During the course of a family tree project it is necessary to:

  • Check and verify any research already undertaken by customer or another researcher
  • Organise documents chronologically and provide annotations for each document
  • Manually enter each individual into family tree software including their dates of birth, marriage, and death and provide citations for EACH person and their dates (mandatory)
  • Write a family narrative regarding each individual or direct ancestor
  • Print the above either for a book or book folder
  • Print the above on a wall chart
  • Burn the above onto a CD


We offer the above services for customers and researchers at the cost of £15 per hour plus document expenses required for verifying a tree. Delivery costs are extra.


As a gift for someone else
If you are buying this service as a gift for someone else, you will need to think about how you would access all their research notes and documents without them knowing, if you are planning this to be a surprise. It will probably not be possible given the requirements listed below. However, if you plan to tell them you are buying this as a gift, they will be better placed to know how many people are in their tree etc.


In order to supply the service, we need to know:

  • The number of people there are in the family tree you wish to organise
  • Does the family tree need verifying?
  • Do you have any documentary evidence to support the family tree? (e.g. birth, marriage, death certificates, census records, parish records)
  • Is the family tree British?
  • How you would like the tree presented? (You may require multiple formats)


How long does the service take?
This will depend on how much organising work and verification is required for your specific family tree. All family trees are different and you should allow a minimum of 1 month.


How to receive a quote for this service
Choose Submit Inquiry and select your preferences. We aim to respond within 72 business hours. Please be aware we may require further clarification from you about the information you already have and what you require.

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