Ask a Genealogist: Two Hour Online Session

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Ask a Genealogist: Two Hour Online Session

Ask a Genealogist: Two Hour Online Session
Ask a Genealogist: Two Hour Online Session

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Ask a Genealogist: Two Hour Online Session

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Online Genealogy Advice Session 

Do you or a close family member need advice from a professional genealogist? Why not book an online advice session by Zoom?

This makes a great Xmas gift for a loved one! We can help them with their family tree - from beginners to the more experienced - after the first session they can book regular coaching sessions and learn how to research their tree and overcome obstacles.

During the 2 hour session, we can discuss their family tree research requirements and help them get organised if they do not know what to do next with their research. We will be able to show them websites and resources (via screen share) and guide them through some of the next stages of research.


Important - what you should know:

  • The advice session lasts for TWO hours.
  • The cost of each session is non-refundable, so if the whole two hours are not used because the query can be answered quickly or cannot be answered at all, there are no refunds. See below Non-Fundable Fee about how we can help make the time well spent.
  • If they have queries about researching overseas, this may require a second advice session. 
  • Every family and research scenario is different, the genealogist approaches each one separately and may decide it is not possible to answer their query based on what they have told them during the first half of the session. This scenario arises when the answer can only be found in an archive - the genealogist may still be able to point them in the right direction however.
  • Some part-time genealogists have larger ambitions than records allow and so they may find the genealogist will tell them there are no records that can answer their questions.


Non-refundable Fee
Because the two hour fee is non-refundable even if the session ends after 40 minutes, it is therefore up to the customer to make full use of the time and compile several questions or query more than one family line when preparing for the session. We can assist with this by having material ready to make sure the time is well used.


Do you have a gift certificate for this session?
Unfortunately we do not currently have a gift certificate, but please feel free to print elements of this page and gift it to the gift recipient.


What technology does the gift recipient need for Ask a Genealogist?
The gift recipient will need a computer with a webcam and access to Zoom which is free.


What happens after you place an order?
The buyer or the gift recipient should contact us by using our Contact Form (on this site) to arrange a time slot for their session.

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