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Manufacturer: Family History Gifts
  • Description

A no frills starter family tree perfect for those with a small budget. Because family trees can be very costly to research and can take years to discover, this small beginner's tree provides a foundation on which a large tree can be built.


It is possible to add further research to this tree later on if the genealogy bug grabs you or the gift recipient!


What you should know:

  • This tree is researched for the gift recipient (or yourself) by a professional genealogist. 
  • It researches back to your/the gift recipient's eight great grandparents as shown in image.
  • Original first-hand records are consulted (not indexes or other family trees). All ancestors are verified to the correct standards.*
  • You are not charged extra for us to view these original records (some genealogists will charge you extra).
  • After research has finished, you will receive an A3 chart showing the names and dates of the gift recipient's (or your) ancestors (see image above).
  • You will receive list of sources checked to assist you with future research (click illustration).

(*We do not verify the information you supply above).


Recording Surname Variations
We will record and display an ancestor's surname exactly how it appears on their birth record according to genealogical standard practice. This may be very different from the current spelling due to surname variations!

You may find that the tree will show many variations of the surname. This is not incorrect - remember there is no 'correct' version of a surname!


Who can use this service?
Individuals who have English, Welsh or Scottish ancestors.


What's not included:

  • Background information about the gift recipient's (your) ancestors. 
  • Dates of death unless supplied by the customer. Deaths can be very tricky to locate and require a larger budget.
  • A genealogist's narrative describing the gift recipient's (your) ancestor's lives.
  • An explanation of the research and its outcomes.

If you would like information about who your ancestor's were and how they lived, you might like to upgrade to one of our other Family History Packages.


What you need to begin:

First Name(s) and Surname of gift recipient and their date and place of birth.

First Name(s) and Surname of gift recipient's father and his date and place of birth.

First Name(s) and Maiden Surname of gift recipient's mother and her date and place of birth.


Other helpful information if you have it:

The marriage place and date of the gift recipient's parents. We will ask for this after you order.


How long does it take?

Please allow 5 weeks for research and 1 week for delivery (for the latest turnaround times, see any notices above).

Keep in mind that we have to acquire documents from sources outside of our business and are beholden to them with regards to delivery times. Therefore it may take longer than 5 weeks.


Do you have a certificate/voucher I can give to the gift recipient for this service?
We do not have a voucher, but once you have paid you will receive a link to download the pdf presentation guide.


What happens after I place an order?
We will be in touch to confirm names and dates of gift recipient (or yourself) and parents. We will then start the research. After research has been conducted the chart will be dispatched to you flat and unrolled.


Because this item is a bespoke service, we are unable to accept returns unless the item is faulty (Distance Selling Regulations).


Terms and Conditions
Once you buy this service, you are entering into a contract with us which is legally binding in a court of law, please read our Terms & Conditions.

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