Irish Family History To 1850

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Irish Family History To 1850

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Irish Family History To 1850
Irish Family History To 1850
Irish Family History To 1850
Irish Family History To 1850
Irish Family History To 1850
Irish Family History To 1850
Irish Family History To 1850
Irish Family History To 1850

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Irish Family History To 1850

Model Number: IREL-1
A Family History Research Gift for one Irish surname. Perfect for the person who wishes to discover their Irish roots!

You or the gift recipient will need to complete an Application Form. The Application Form must be submitted to us before the expiry date. The expiry date is six months after purchase date.

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Please be aware that a research assessment is mandatory before you order this package. See Free Assessment below.

COVID-19 - how it is affecting our services

Due to limited delivery of documents from government departments expect SEVERE DELAYS to our delivery to you. We are unable to supply this research package for a specific date e.g. birthday etc. and if a delivery date is provided with order, we are currently ignoring these requests because they are not viable.

Delivery times may be extended by as much as six months above our published time frame. Please keep this in mind at all times and be flexible.


Irish research can present greater problems in contrast to researching in England, Scotland, and Wales. The scope and prevalence of records for Ireland has always been limited and even though more records have become available and digitised, many important documents were also curtailed by a fire in 1922.


The loss of most of the census returns for Ireland, leaving behind the 1911 and 1901 censuses plus a few fragments, means that acquiring information about ancestors necessary to finding their origins can be arduous. It should also be considered that record keeping was not approached with steadfast commitment because of the political environment. From 1550 until the Emancipation Act of 1829 it was a dangerous occupation for a Roman Catholic priest to record baptisms, marriages, and burials. As a result only a few Roman Catholic registers survive from before the 1820s and therefore it is actually very difficult (if not impossible) to research a family line before 1850.


If your/the gift recipient's ancestor was born in England, Scotland or Wales and their forebears came from Ireland you have about a 50% chance of finding out exactly where in Ireland they came from. Unfortunately, just knowing the county they came from is insufficient to be able to discover and prove a person's origins, though their are some exceptions.


If you/the gift recipient, your/their parent or grandparent came from Ireland you will still need good, detailed information to begin a search. This may require extra purchases of birth, marriage, and death certificates from Irish governmental departments if you do not have the info. We can do this for you as an extra fee on top of this research package - expect possible further fees of up to £200.
Before you proceed with your order please consider the following:

                • Research will only go back to circa 1850
                • You will need good oral history and perhaps some or further documentation to start
                • As a consequence of the limitation of Irish records you may receive only a few results or no results
                • You will still be charged for no results based on time and expenses spent, but will receive a refund of any money not spent

Most importantly for Irish research please submit a free assessment request via our Contact Us form before you order. Include in this request the following information:

                • Your name
                • The full name of the relative you would like researched
                • Their date of birth
                • Their place of birth
                • Their parents' names if known
                • Any background information concerning where they were from, what they did for a living etc.

We will complete your assessment within 72 business hours if you have provided us with enough information. You will be informed a/ if we think research can proceed and b/ if the advertised base cost of this package will be sufficient.

Irish Family History Research Gift for One Family Surname
It will include the research and history, including life stories, of one family surname. Once you have ordered, you will be invited to specify which surname you would like researched on your Application Form.

Answers to the following questions are provided below. Click on a question to find out more:

What do we mean by One Surname?
Who else does it include?
Can you find out more than names and dates?
What's included in the price?
What's not included in the price?
Will the gift recipient receive research updates?
How long does the research take?
Gift Day - what date should I provide?
Can the gift recipient work on the family tree with you?
What information do I need to start if I am buying for a gift recipient?
What happens if I do not have enough time before my gift date?
How do I make a payment?
What are the Shipping Costs?
Should I read the Terms and Conditions?
I've ordered a tree now what?

What do we mean by One Surname?
Your family can be divided into surnames, so for instance you have four grandparents - this is four surnames; you have eight great grandparents so this is eight surnames; 16 great great grandparents equals sixteen surnames! This family history research and writing package concentrates on one of those surnames. It will trace, say, the gift recipient's father, his father, his father and so on back to 1850.


Who else does it include?
While the one surname line is being traced back through the father's line, the research and history will find out who they married and when they married. Where possible, the wife's year of birth and place of birth are traced. The children of the couple are also found including their full names, dates and places of birth (where possible).


Can you find out more than names and dates?
Yes we will search the following records to learn more about these people and write a narrative of their lives:
Birth/baptism and marriage records
Some death/burial records if the budget allows
WW1 records when service papers can be traced and are still extant
Census records
Griffith's valuation records
Criminal records where possible

 These resources will show where the ancestors married and the religion they worshipped, their occupations, their movements across the country, whether they were literate and could write their name, where they may have served during WW1 and in which regiment(s), and if they were criminals or in court. Sometimes rather than criminals, we find instances where ancestors were heroes and come to the aid of another individual. Some records also contain physical descriptions. We do not search beyond the above records for this particular package.


What's included in the price?

                • All of the research outlined above to 1850 amounting to 10 hours of research, analysis of documentation, and writing
                • Accessing and purchasing documents on your/the gift recipient's behalf and providing citations, transcriptions, and references
                • A beautiful dark green spring back hardback folder to hold your/the gift recipient's report and documents for display and safe-keeping
                • A family narrative telling the story of the surname or surnames chosen 
                • A genealogical narrative outlining the names and important dates of all the individuals researched
                • Historical and contextual background relating to your/the gift recipient's ancestors such as attending school in the 19th century or what it was like to work in their particular occupations
                • Birth/baptism, marriage, and burial transcriptions/records (where possible)
                • Census records/transcriptions with names of roads and villages where your/the gift recipient's ancestors lived
                • Photos and maps of where your/the gift recipient's ancestors lived where possible
                • Surname distribution map pointing to the original origins of the surname
                • Surname meaning and origin
                • An A3 pull-out hourglass tree

The vast majority of documents held in public archives are subject to copyright. This means that there are limits on the copies of documents that we can provide for this family history. While we can consult records we cannot copy them under copyright law and pass them onto customers. However, it is possible for our customers to acquire the records themselves and we will assist in this process by providing transcriptions and full source citations as well as advice on how to buy copies of original documents for personal use.


What's not included in the price?
Research from 1950 to present day. Also, since the implementation of the GDPR, we have allowed buyers and gift recipients to include living relatives on their family tree if they could supply consent by signature.

We have discovered this is unworkable, sometimes waiting months to receive all the signatures back.

It is therefore with regret we can no longer offer this service. We can allow some living individuals to be included on the family tree by using the Legitimate Interest exception.


Legitimate Interest Exceptions
For Legitimate Interest purposes, we can include the following living individuals (GDPR currently only affects the living, so deceased persons can be included automatically) on your or the gift recipient's family tree:

  • Parents
  • Siblings (but not their spouses or descendants).
  • Blood-related aunts and uncles (but not their spouses or descendants).
  • Grandparents.
  • Blood-related great aunts and uncles (but not their spouses or descendants).


Will the gift recipient receive research updates?
We do not provide email, letter or phone updates… we think that's boring! Much better to allow the gift recipient to login to their private family tree viewing area whenever they want and view their new ancestors! They will be able to instantly see all the new ancestors we've discovered. This is an exciting addition to our services.

The gift recipient must have a valid email address to use the family tree login area, alternatively they can nominate a member of their family.


How long does the research take?
On average about two to three months after we have received your Application Form. This does not include Bank Holidays or seasonal holidays such as Christmas or Easter. Please allow extra time for these holidays. 

Also consider the following factors:

                • Not one family is the same as another
                • Historical research is unpredictable – it is not possible to know in advance where it will lead or whether it will be straightforward
                • To achieve a high standard of research, a genealogist needs time to search through all the necessary records in order to overcome hurdles and uncover the correct ancestors. At Family History Gifts we use the Genealogical Proof Standard and this requires a great deal of dedication.
                • Imagine going to the library to find out information about something you know nothing about and being asked to predict in advance exactly how long the task will take you?
                • With this in mind, two to three months is an estimate and not definite. Research may take 10 weeks, it might take 16 weeks; it is entirely unpredictable.

If you have a fast approaching gift day talk to us before you order. A priority service is available at 50% or 100% fast turnaround fee. Alternatively you may like to give the gift recipient the Gift Voucher Presentation Pack (see below).


Gift Day - what date should I provide?
Please do not supply the actual gift day whether it is a birthday or an anniversary etc. You will need the final report a few days before the event so please supply a date at least five business days before actual gift day.


Can the gift recipient work on the family tree with you?
Once the Application Form has been completed and sent to us, we will decide all research methods and stages. As a consequence it is not possible for the gift recipient to work on researching the family tree with us. Please see our Terms & Conditions, section 3. Your tree – controlling the Research.


What information do I need to start if I am buying for a gift recipient?
Please complete the assessment as outlined above before you order. You will need to supply the gift recipient's full name, date and place of birth, father's full name and mother's full name including mother's maiden name. You may be required to supply birth certificates for gift recipient and their parent whose line is being researched.


Gift Voucher Pack

Gift Voucher Presentation Pack
Once you have purchased the Irish Family History to 1850 package, you will receive a Gift Voucher Presentation Pack. The pack contains a gift voucher and information explaining our service. The presentation pack can be given to the gift recipient on the gift day and they can complete the Application Form online to start the family tree research process. The Gift Voucher has an expiry date of six months - the Application Form must be submitted within this period. Gift Voucher packs are dispatched within 48 business hours.


How do I make a payment?
To order, pay by credit/debit card using the following options:

a. Direct from our site. We do not capture or keep any of your card details on our servers.

b. By PayPal. Please note it is not necessary to be a member of PayPal to use it. Please select PayPal as your payment option, complete the Checkout process, and enter your credit/debit card details on the PayPal payment page.


What are the Shipping Costs?
Delivery costs of £9.00 for delivery of final report and documents via Royal Mail Special Delivery will be added to your order when paying in full. If you wish to have the final report delivered on a Saturday there is a £5.00 addition charge.


Should I read the Terms and Conditions?
Our Terms and Conditions are not very long and are legally binding. We do recommend that you read them before agreeing to them.


I've ordered a tree now what
You will receive the Gift Voucher Presentation Pack. Then,

    • Gather information about gift recipient and their parents including full names, dates and places of birth, dates of marriage etc.

Proceed to the Application Form and submit once completed.

Once we have received your Application Form we will email the provided email address in acknowledgement and possibly discuss the form with you. We will then notify you about the next steps.


Cancellations and Refunds
Please see our Terms and Conditions for our refunds and cancellations policy.

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