Find a Will (England and Wales) 1858 –

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Find a Will (England and Wales) 1858 -

Find a Will (England and Wales) 1858 -
Find a Will (England and Wales) 1858 -

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Find a Will (England and Wales) 1858 -

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Find a Will Search (England and Wales) 

Are you looking for the will of an individual who died between 1858 and the present? We offer a basic search and an enhanced search.


Basic Search
Our basic search will cover all wills and administrations that have been proved or granted in government departments. It is important to note there is only one centralised repository for this period.

Once you have provided us with the information, we will search the database for one time only. Should we not be able to find the will, you are entitled to a refund of £1.50.


Are all wills public records?
No. It is often the case that we unable to locate a will even if it exists. This is because not all wills are public records. Wills become public only if a grant of probate was required or the person died intestate and a grant of administration was given to the next of kin.

Not all wills require a grant of probate and therefore copies are not publicly available.

It is wise to keep this in mind, should the search have a negative result.


How long after someone has died is probate granted?
It is advantageous to allow a minimum of three months after someone has died before searching for a will. In some cases probate takes years - only then will the will become a public record.


If you find the will how will I receive my copy?
You will receive a scan of the will to the email address you have supplied with your order. Please check your spam folder for our emails!


In order to issue refunds, we will contact you for your account number and sort code unless you choose to pay by PayPal in which case a refund will be issued directly to you.


Enhanced Search (non-refundable)
Our Enhanced Search covers multiple databases. It searches government registers as well as private ones (including our own) plus national newspapers such as The Times etc.

During the Enhanced Search process, we will also search the government resources once a month for three months on your behalf.

Please note there are no refunds for this service should we not discover the will.


How long does it take?
For the basic search please allow up to three weeks.
For the Enhanced Search please allow up to three months so we can search every month for you.