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Family Tree Gift Experience: Research Day

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Family Tree Gift Experience: Research Day
Family Tree Gift Experience: Research Day

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Family Tree Gift Experience: Research Day

Model Number: FTG-R1
The ideal family tree gift for anyone who wants to look at other resources to help them with their family tree. It is suitable for researchers who know the elementary basics about research such as using civil registration certificates, the census, and the Ancestry website, but want to further their research using other resources.

We will send you a gift voucher to present to gift recipient for this day. Our family tree gift experiences take place in London and make use of the vast array of resources available to family tree researchers in the city.

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This service will be deleted shortly and replaced by the Research Day (Revised) Genealogy Experience. For customers who have already bought this experience, they will still receive the Research Day after it has been deleted.


Family Tree Gift Experience: Research Day
You or the gift recipient are invited to London to learn about other resources that may help you research your family tree. 


Quick FAQs

  • The day is designed to help the gift recipient with their research
  • After meeting the genealogist, the gift recipient will be armed with better tools and strategies to continue with their research
  • The gift recipient will be accompanied by their own personal genealogist during the Research Day.
  • As the Research Day concentrates on early 19th century resources, this experience will not be suitable for individuals who have not got back so far or who have research going back to the 18th and 17th century etc.
  • Contact us before you order if you are not sure.
  • The Gift Recipient should prepare a Research Plan (see below) for this experience so the genealogist can advise them properly and find suitable records.


Help for Gift Recipients Who Are Stuck With Their Research

Some gift recipients are very new to research and have the wrong research strategies or have high expectations about what research can achieve. On the Research Day we can:

  • Look at their research strategies and tutor them
  • Advise them on the best records to look at
  • Advise them on early 20th and 19th century research strategies (it does not include 18th, 17th century research etc. due to record availability)
  • Advise them if their research goals are attainable


The gift recipient will also need to a prepare a Research Plan (see below) for this section of the day. If their tree is online, the genealogist will also require access to this tree.

On this Gift Experience the genealogist does not undertake research on behalf of the Gift Recipient except in preparation for the day; this Gift Experience is more about making the Gift Recipient a better family historian.


Does it cover overseas research?
No, however we can give some general advice about how tackle overseas research.

This Gift Experience is suitable for gift recipients with English, Welsh, and Scottish ancestors, it does not include overseas research including British citizens born overseas.

(If you or the gift recipient has Scottish origins then you will need to purchase credits at ScotlandsPeople in advance of the day.

This is because the Scottish government do not licence their records to third parties and therefore their records cannot be accessed for free at the Society of Genealogists or other repositories outside Scotland. holds some Scottish records, but they are not sufficient to research a family tree accurately. This genealogy experience will show the gift recipient how they can use the Ancestry website in tandem with ScotlandsPeople for efficient and effective searching).



Before the Research Day (Research Plans)
To get the most from the day, the gift recipient can submit a research plan before they book the day. Research plans are absolutely vital when visiting a record office and every family historian should get into the habit of writing one before they plan a visit. This is good practice for the gift recipient! However, we have now made the Research Plan optional.

The Research Plan allows the Genealogist:

  • To prepare for the day in advance
  • To look up references and repository information which benefits the gift recipient
  • To find some information about the gift recipient's family they may have overlooked and bring it to the Research Day
  • To develop strategies  to overcome any brick walls the gift recipient has with their research 

Writing a research plan is not as onerous as it sounds. It is simply a matter of sending us some detail of what they would like to achieve on the day. This should be in the form of the family they are researching, the geographic area they are researching, and the dates when the family were flourishing.

To make it easier, we will request to see the gift recipient's digital tree (if online).



What happens if the Gift Recipient does not submit a Research Plan?
If the gift recipient does not submit a Research Plan, then they will need to be aware of the following:

  • They only have 4.5 hours with the genealogist.
  • The genealogist may take some time understanding their family, its dynamics, and relationships.
  • The genealogist will want to view records and revisit research they've already undertaken.
  • The genealogist may take considerable time seeking out resources and their locations during the gift recipient's brief time with the genealogist.
  • The genealogist may require 'silent time' to think about research strategies and methodologies while the gift recipient is with them.
  • As a consequence the gift recipient may not find out any new information.

While a Research Plan provides no guarantees, it means that some of the time-consuming elements of the above are undertaken in advance.


On the Research Day
The day starts with a chat over a tea/coffee/cake about the family tree and discuss the aims and objectives of research. The gift recipient and their genealogist will discuss the resources and timetable for the day based on the gift recipient's Research Plan; this ensures every second is used assisting the gift recipient learning which resources can help them with their research.

The afternoon is then spent looking at what resources are available to help you/gift recipient with your family tree.

  • Due to the nature of how records are kept in the UK, it may not be possible to look at any original records if the gift recipient's particular research problem is unique or their ancestors are from distant counties. It may be a case that county archives may hold the answers to the gift recipient's research..

Entry Level
Beginners/intermediate - for individuals who have searched no further than the beginning of the 19th century.

Not suitable for those with advanced knowledge of genealogy which includes: searching catalogues, locating records, parish register research techniques, wills and probate, poor law etc.

Not suitable for those who have searched back to the 18th and 17th centuries due to record availability.


Details of the Day
Day starts at 10:30 am and finishes at 3:00 pm. 

  • Meeting point is at 10:30 am outside the Barbican Station, City of London (Hammersmith and City, Circle, and Metropolitan lines) for gift experiences at the Society of Genealogists.
  • Meeting point is at 10:30 am outside the Gloucester Road Station, Kensington (Circle, and District lines) for gift experiences on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
  • Meeting point is at 10:30 am outside Farringdon Underground Station (Hammersmith and City, Circle, and Metropolitan lines) for experiences at the London Metropolitan Archives.


Once gift recipient has booked, they will be informed by email of the meeting point.


Morning: one-to-one discussion and chat: discuss aims and objects of research.
Afternoon: a look at available resources.


Tailored preparation by the genealogist in advance of the day
One-to-one discussion with a genealogist
Morning Coffee and cake
Venue/archive entrance fees.

Travel expenses.
Hotel fees.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Maximum Number of People
This day is designed for one person. If the gift recipient wishes for someone to keep them company, choose Optional Second Person (£30) from the options above.

  • Please note due to limited space at the some venues, it may not be possible for the Optional Second Person to stay with the gift recipient at all times.
  • There are other floors within the building for the Optional Second Person to visit including the comfy Common Room, should over-crowding in the research area be an issue.
  • Where no Optional Second Person has been purchased anyone travelling with the gift recipient will be required to leave them at the meeting point.
  • Maximum number of people allowed is two.
  • Not for individuals under 16.


What to bring
Lunch. Alternatively buy from one of the sandwich shops in the area.
Pencils - leave your pens and erasers at home.
Blank paper/pad.
Details of your family tree and your research so far.
Leave any valuables at home.


Booking the day
After you have placed your order, you or the gift recipient can book the day online by visiting Book Your Gift Experience. Please note October, November, December are often fully booked, please plan and book well in advance.



If Genealogy Experience is at an Archive - Guidelines for visiting a Record Office
Should the Research Day proceed to an archives, certain rules will need to be followed. The gift recipient and any companion must respect their rules:

  • No food and drink in the library or record office only in the eating area
  • No pens only pencils allowed in the library or record office
  • No mobile phones in the library or record office
  • No rucksacks or large bags
  • Bags are not allowed in the library or record office and must be placed in a locker
  • No cameras or laptops in the library or record office unless by prior arrangement. 


IMPORTANT - The Gift Recipient and Optional Second Person will need to bring the following:
A photo ID
Proof of address


Once gift recipient has booked, we will inform them in email if this is necessary. It is only necessary when entering an archive.



Making Your Payment
To order, pay by credit/debit card using the following options:

a. Direct from our site. We do not capture or keep any of your card details on our servers.

b. By PayPal. Please note it is not necessary to be a member of PayPal to use it. Please select PayPal as your payment option, complete the Checkout process, and enter your credit/debit card details on the PayPal payment page.


What happens after you place an order
We will send you a Gift Voucher Presentation Pack with a 12 month voucher. This is usually sent out within 48 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays).


Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions - please see full Terms & Conditions on our T&C page

The gift voucher for this gift experience is valid for 12 months after purchase. Gift Experiences must be booked and completed before the expiry date. We will not fulfill Gift Experiences after the voucher has expired under any circumstances.


The buyer is responsible for making sure the gift recipient is aware of:

  • The Expiry Date printed on the voucher and that the gift experience expires on the expiry date.
  • That Family History Gifts is no longer legally obliged to provide the gift experience once the voucher has expired.
  • That they will need to be flexible about days available due to record office opening hours (see above).
  • That you will be agreeing to Terms & Conditions on their behalf and they must abide by them. (We recommend you print the T&C for them).


Refunds and Cancellations of Gift Experiences
If you wish to cancel an order for a Gift Experience you are required to do so within 14 days of purchase. To cancel within the 14 day period simply inform us in writing. Please allow 7 days for us to process your refund.

We cannot cancel or refund orders after 14 days or if you have booked a date for the gift experience within the 14 day period.


Rescheduling your booking
Due to COVID and the difficulties of accessing venues, it is not possible to cancel and reschedule a Genealogy Experience once a booking has been made. If a genealogy experiences is booked and gift recipient can't attend for any reason, the experience will be lost and no refund will be given.

After a booking has been made, we will endeavour to accommodate any request you make to reschedule your booking. Any request must be made up to 21 business days before your chosen date; requests made within 21 business days of your chosen date are subject to a £30 admin fee. In either scenario we cannot guarantee that any alternative requirements will be met.


Cancellations by us - see Force Majeure in our full Terms & Conditions
In the unfortunate event of illness or unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to reschedule any gift experience. Family History Gifts is unable to reimburse any expenses you may have incurred in relation to the cancelled event.

1 Reviews for Family Tree Gift Experience: Research Day

  • Interesting and enjoyable - Monday, March 13, 2017
    I had already done some basic family history research but had rather lost my way. Then my son gave me a Gift Day as a present and, after an interesting and enjoyable day with Michelle who gave me many other sources and ideas to investigate, I now feel encouraged to carry on with my research.

    Vicky Kennedy
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