How reliable is my family tree?

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How reliable is my family tree?

How reliable is my family tree?
How reliable is my family tree?

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How reliable is my family tree?

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Many online tree are inaccurate and some family historians rely on these and Hints for their research - but both the Hints and other trees can be wrong, sometimes very wrong!

So, why not hire a qualified genealogist to cast their professional eye over your family tree or the tree of the gift recipient to check to see if it is accurate?


What you need to know:

  • The price covers five hours of verification of a tree (see below What’s included).
  • You or the gift recipient can buy more verification time if you wish. No obligation to buy more.
  • We need editor access to the gift recipient’s family tree or a digital GEDCOM version of the tree.
  • We will need to consult and talk with gift recipient about their tree by Zoom and by email.


What’s included

The price will not cover the verification of a large tree. That may take up to 20 hours or more.

This price covers 5 hours which may cover two generations depending on date. If we spot an inconsistency with the research of one individual, the price paid may only cover that individual.


What's not included

  • The purchase of documents.
  • Documents are crucial to research, it can't be done accurately without them.
  • Document costs often range between £2.50-£11, but can also cost considerably more.
  • We would discuss with you the need for extra funds to purchase document(s), if necessary, on your behalf.
  • By buying this service, you agree that to provide a thorough service, we may ask for extra funding for documents.


How does checking for accuracy work?
Checking a tree for errors is actually the same as researching the tree from scratch. It uses exactly the same methods: document acquisition and the analysis of those documents.

The difference between a professional approach and that of everyday family historians is that the professional will go deeper and further than the latter.

As professionals we do not use other people’s tree because they are often wrong, instead we let the documents speak for themselves.


The further back you go…

The more difficult it is to research and check for accuracy. Difficulty equals time and time means more cost to you when paying the genealogist’s wage and expenses. Any accuracy checks for a tree going back before 1800 can take many, many hours.


How does the genealogist work with me or the gift recipient?

We can work by email, but a free 40-minute Zoom consultation would be preferable. We would discuss with the tree owner what they need with regards to checking the tree.

We would tell them what’s possible in the time available. We would then ask about accessing their tree either as editor or if they can provide a digital tree.


How long does the checking take?

Anything between three to five weeks. Sometimes we have to wait for documents from government departments.


What happens when I order?

We will send you a digital presentation gift certificate pack with a pdf certificate and a guide for the recipient about this service.