Learn how to search British newspapers and parish records for family history

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Learn how to search British newspapers and parish records for family history

Learn how to search British newspapers and parish records for family history
Learn how to search British newspapers and parish records for family history

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Learn how to search British newspapers and parish records for family history

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Our genealogy experiences are not just for gifts! You can also order them for yourself if you enjoy researching your family tree.

We will send you a gift voucher to present to gift recipient for this day. Our family tree gift experiences take place in London and make use of the vast array of resources available to family tree researchers in the city.

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Learn how to search British newspapers and parish records for family history
We were inspired to develop this brand new gift experience for autumn 2018 after requests from our previous genealogy experience customers. Many have expressed an interest in searching for their ancestors in the British newspapers and those who attend our Research Day need further help to navigate through the complexities of parish registers.


Newspapers are probably the number one source for finding out more about the character of our ancestors. Newspapers often provide more detail about the circumstances of a person's death than a death certificate or an inquest record; they tell us more about a person's criminal activities than a court record, and often much more about a policeman's service than personnel records. These are just three examples of how newspapers can help, should the researcher be lucky enough to find their ancestor mentioned!


Parish registers are the primary resource for people searching in the early 19th century and back into the 18th century, but they can be extremely difficult to use effectively. Search techniques, knowing the history of the source, and reading handwriting are imperative when trying to get to grips with using this vast resource.

We can help get you or the gift recipient started using these great record sets.


Does it cover overseas research?
No. This Gift Experience is suitable for gift recipients with British origins, it does not cover overseas research.

(If you or the gift recipient has Scottish origins then you will need to purchase credits at ScotlandsPeople in advance of the day.

This is because the Scottish government do not licence their records to third parties and therefore their records cannot be accessed for free at the Society of Genealogists. Ancestry.co.uk holds some Scottish records, but they are not sufficient to research a family tree accurately. This genealogy experience will show the gift recipient how they can use the Ancestry website in tandem with ScotlandsPeople for efficient and effective searching).


On the Day
The day starts with a visit to a coffee shop to chat about these records and to learn about the history and extent of the resources. The second session discusses how these resources can be used on the your or the gift recipient's family history. Then it's over to the Society of Genealogists or alternative London repository to begin using these resources on your or the gift recipient's family tree.

While at the coffee shop we may also discuss with the gift recipient how confident and proficient they feel as a researcher and see if improvements can be made should they feel uncertain about their approach to genealogy.


Entry Level
Beginners/Intermediate - for individuals who have searched no further than the beginning of the 19th century.


Details of day
Day starts at 10:30 am and finishes at 3:00 pm. Gift recipient has the option of staying at the Society of Genealogists until 3:45 pm, but the genealogist will leave them at 3:00 pm.

Meeting point is at 10:30 am outside the Barbican Station, City of London (Hammersmith and City, Circle, and Metropolitan lines).


Morning: one-to-one discussion and chat: discuss aims and objects of research.


Afternoon visit to the Society of Genealogists to look at available resources.



One-to-one discussion with a genealogist.

Morning Coffee and cake.

Society of Genealogist's entrance fee or other record office's entrance fee.



Travel expenses,

Hotel fees,

Lunch and dinner.

Subscriptions to newspaper websites.


Maximum Number of People:
This day is designed for one person only. Family and friends may travel with you/gift recipient, but they must leave you at the meeting point.
Not suitable for individuals under 16.


What to bring:
Lunch. Alternatively buy from one of the sandwich shops in the area.

Pencils, but leave your pens and erasers at home.

Blank paper/pad.

Details of your family.

Leave any valuables at home.


Days Available
The Society of Genealogists has limited open hours. For this gift day, you/gift recipient will need to be available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Guidelines for entrance to The Society of Genealogists
Most record offices have rules and the Society of Genealogists is no exception. You/gift recipient will be entering the Society on the day - please respect its rules:

  • No food and drink in the library only in the eating area
  • No pens only pencils allowed in the library
  • No mobile phones in the library
  • No rucksacks or large bags
  • Bags are not allowed in the library and must be placed in a locker
  • No cameras or laptops in the library unless by prior arrangement.


IMPORTANT - You/Gift Recipient and optional accompanying friend or family member will need to bring the following:
A photo ID
Proof of address


Making Your Payment
To order, pay by credit/debit card using the following options:

a. Direct from our site. We do not capture or keep any of your card details on our servers.

b. By PayPal. Please note it is not necessary to be a member of PayPal to use it. Please select PayPal as your payment option, complete the Checkout process, and enter your credit/debit card details on the PayPal payment page.

To order by phone please call 07788647670 and have your debit card ready.


What happens after you place an order
We will send you a Gift Voucher Presentation Pack with a 12 month voucher. This is usually sent out within 48 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays).


Booking your Gift Experience
You or the gift recipient can book the gift day online by clicking on Book Genealogy Gift Experience. Please note we have a limited number of days available during our busy season from October to December.


Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions
Gift vouchers and certificates are valid until the expiry date. Expired vouchers and certificates are non-refundable and any service bought with an expired voucher or certificate cannot be supplied by Family History Gifts.

Please book and use your voucher before the expiry date. Vouchers are valid for 12 months after the purchase date. We cannot supply a gift experience after the expiry date under any circumstances.


Refunds and Cancellations of Gift Experiences
If you wish to cancel an order for a Gift Experience you are required to do so within 14 days of purchase. To cancel within the 14 day period simply inform us in writing. Please allow 7 days for us to process your refund.

We cannot cancel or refund orders after 14 days or if you have booked a date for the gift experience within the 14 day period.


Rescheduling your booking
After a booking has been made, we will endeavour to accommodate any request you make to reschedule your booking. Any request must be made up to 21 business days before your chosen date; requests made within 21 business days of your chosen date are subject to a £30 admin fee. In either scenario we cannot guarantee that any alternative requirements will be met.


Cancellations by us
In the unfortunate event of illness or unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to reschedule any gift experience. Family History Gifts is unable to reimburse any expenses you may have occurred in relation to the cancelled event.

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