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Absolute Beginner's Research Bundle

Absolute Beginner's Research Bundle
Absolute Beginner's Research Bundle

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Absolute Beginner's Research Bundle

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Includes digital presentation gift certificate and guide download


Our research bundle is designed to help absolute beginners get started with their family tree research. It provides a foundation on which they can build their research. We will start them off with one individual, collecting details about their origins, parents and siblings ready for the novice family tree researcher to continue on their own.


How does it work?
The gift recipient (or yourself) can choose one of their four grandparents for us to research. We will look to see if we can find:

  • When and where their grandparent was born.
  • The names of the grandparent's parents.
  • The marriage year of grandparent's parents. 
  • The occupation and address of the grandparent's parents.
  • The birth years of the grandparent's parents.
  • The names of the grandparent's siblings.


Is all of the above guaranteed?
Unfortunately no. There is no guarantee when it comes to historical research, we can only work with the available records. If the record does not exist or if the information contained in the record is insufficient to answer the genealogical questions, then we cannot achieve the research goals. A good example is if someone was born illegitimate their birth certificate is unlikely to contain the name of their father, thereby we cannot supply you with information about both parents, only the mother.

We will use your funds to try and ascertain as much information about the illegitimate birth as possible, but it is unlikely to result in finding the father.

You should be aware that to non-researchers, if you are one, research takes much longer than you envisage and this is a very small budget that will only have limited results.


Will I get a refund if you don't find anything?
If the genealogist has spent time and expenses on research there are no refunds available, even if there are no results.


What happens after you have finished the research?
We will write up a report of our findings describing the research process and the results. We will attach to the report copies of any documents (if we find them) showing your/the gift recipient's family as researched by us and a family tree (see below about how we enter information to certain conventions) with citations in the correct academic format. The report will be sent to you/the gift recipient in PDF format by email.


What do I need for this research?

  • You MUST have a valid working email. In order for our emails to reach you rather than your spam folder, you will need to add our email address to your address book before you press the order button. (email researchatfamilyhistorygifts.co.uk - replace at with @)

In the box above marked 'Tell us about the grandparent you want to research' please provide:

  • The grandparent's full name (if it's a female use her maiden surname) and any info about their year of birth and where it might have taken place. 
  • The full name of the person they married (again if female, you must use her maiden surname). If you want us to include the birth details of the spouse in our report/tree, you will need to provide them.


Make sure your information is clear and we understand who you want researched and who they married. YOUR RESEARCH MAY BE DELAYED IF WE HAVE TO ASK FOR CLARITY.

We also require their marriage certificate (see below).


I don't have my grandparent's marriage certificate what can I do?
We will search for it on your behalf. Choose the option above - we cannot proceed with research without this document. If you have it, we will send you instructions about how you can send a copy to us.


Optional Tree Set-Up - what is this?
So that you or the gift recipient do not have to waste time setting up an online tree at Ancestry* by typing in all the full names and years of births of individuals we have researched, we can do it for you. We will create a digital family tree based on our research results which you or the gift recipient can import into Ancestry. If you choose this option, we will send you the file when we send you the PDF of our research.

(*You will need to purchase a subscription from Ancestry to use it).

Here's what you should know about how we as professional genealogists set-up a family tree:

  • We set-up a tree using the full names a person was given when they were born (this maybe different from how they were later known! Their surname may be spelt differently too - this is NOT incorrect). 
  • We will use proper date standards as follows: dd/mmm/yyyy e.g. 22 Mar 1932 (not 22/03/32 which is incorrect). 
  • We will use proper place formats as follows: township, parish, county, country or parish, city, county, country or parish, city, country or city, county, country or city, country. We will use a mixture of the above for the same place if its boundaries or status has changed e.g. Newcastle upon Tyne pre-1882 will be Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England and for events after 1882: Newcastle upon Tyne, England. 
  • We will use the correct Fact fields for events, e.g. Census. Ancestry will use the 'Residence' Fact field for the census if a document is auto added to a profile - this is incorrect. 
  • We will use the correct academic format for citations on your tree which are far superior to Ancestry's source citations, but ours will not have records attached. You will need to attach records manually if you want them.

Once you or the gift recipient have imported our version of the tree into Ancestry, you can follow our method for adding information or you can use Ancestry's own feature for adding individuals and sources to your tree, but be aware it may:

  • Add inferior formatting of an individual's name and place of birth, marriage etc.
  •  Place events in the incorrect fact fields.
  •  Use inferior source citations.

How long does it take?
In normal (non COVID) times it takes about two weeks if we do not have to find grandparent's marriage, but three weeks if we do.


What happens after I place an order?
You will be able to download the digital gift certificate and guide. We will be in touch using your email to confirm names and dates of grandparent's information you have provided. We will then start the research. 


Because this item is a bespoke service, we are unable to accept returns unless the item is faulty (Distance Selling Regulations).


Terms and Conditions
Once you buy this service, you are entering into a contract with us which is legally binding in a court of law, please read our Terms & Conditions.

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