Job Opportunities

Genealogist Job Opportunities


Edinburgh or Glasgow or Newcastle areas

  1. Professional Genealogist required to operate our genealogy experiences in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Newcastle. Must have suitable qualifications or a minimum of five years experience working as a full-time genealogist.

  • Work will be on an occasional basis (as and when bookings occur from the Family History Gifts website)

  • The genealogist will work for 4.5 hours per genealogy experience. 

  • The genealogist will work as part of Family History Gifts as a franchise.


Manchester or Liverpool, or Birmingham areas

2. Professional Genealogist required to operate our genealogy experiences in Manchester, Birmingham or Liverpool.

Same terms as above.


Cardiff or Bath or Bristol areas

3. Professional Genealogist required to operate our genealogy experiences in Cardiff or, Bath or Bristol. 

Same terms as above.





  1. Suitable qualification: eg. a IHGS Diploma, a University of Dundee PG/MSC in Genealogy or a University of Strathclyde PG/MSC in Genealogy.
  2. Alternatively, we will consider applications from individuals who have no formal genealogical qualification, but who have a minimum of five years experience and who submit a CV along with a 500 word essay describing a genealogical problem they have resolved. They must include their sources in the essay along with the correct citations for each source. Sources and citations are excluded from the 500 word count. The genealogical problem solved should preferably focus on English/Welsh or Scottish ancestry.


We pay you:

  • £25 per hour depending on gift experience.
  • Travel expenses up to £11,
  • Customer expenses up to £15.


Advertising your genealogy experiences

While we advertise on your behalf and take bookings via our booking system, you will also be responsible for promoting the genealogy experience on your website and on social media. This will obviously promote the genealogy experiences to new customers for the benefit of yourself and family history gifts.

We find that once customers embark on a successful genealogy experience, they are likely to return, providing you with future income.


You can still do your other genealogical work…

You do not have to work exclusively for us. While you work on our genealogy experiences, you are free to pursue other genealogical work with your own customers as long as they are not genealogy experiences.


If you are interested in any of the roles, contact us using our online form

Our Genealogy Experiences

If you are applying for these positions, you should be aware of the role and what is expected of you when supplying the service. We suggest you view the following:

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