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For many of our customer's, the one-to-one ancestry gift experience is a very individual treat. They arrive on the day excited and with huge anticipation about what might unfold. They know the day is all about them and their family. No one else. They are not part of a group with the focus diluted and shared between individuals.

As a consequence, a great deal is achieved in a short amount of time. Usually, real progress is made with their family trees and they leave the day not only with new information about their family and the techniques used to find more, but having had a fun day in London to boot!

The first ideas for a personal genealogy day were formed in the noughties. We had customers who were interested in one-to-one guidance. The gift days were original called courses, but this seemed rather off-putting to some customers!

Ideas were developed further and Getting Started With Your Family Tree gift experience was born. This is now a bestseller. The format has been perfected with only thirty minutes 'listening' to a genealogist talk about the fundamentals of research and the remainder of the day focused on three separate and enjoyable practicals. This engagement with records by directly using them and learning how to think about genealogy both creatively and laterally, has meant the gift experience has become quite exhilarating for the gift recipient. Especially as two of the practicals, one thirty minutes and the other, three hours, is entirely devoted to their family.

Much of the day takes place at the Society of Genealogist in London near Barbican Station, an archive with an amazing collection of resources both original and secondary. We are proud to support the society.

After the success of Getting Started, we developed the Research Day. This was aimed at family historians with more experience, but wanted to know about other resources such as overseers of the poor, manorial, borough, and town records etc. Here is customer Vicky's take on the Research Day:


I had rather lost my way with my family research when my son bought me a 'Gift Day' as a present. Before the day the genealogist, Michelle, asked me for a list of names/problems I wanted to research so that she could be prepared. The day itself lasted about 5 hours starting at 1030 when we met for coffee and a chat about what I would like to achieve. After a packed lunch, Michelle took me round the Society of Genealogist where she explained the various resources located there. Concentrating on my own family research, she then showed me the best way to search various websites. As a follow up to the visit, Michelle sent me detailed notes of what we had covered. The whole experience was interesting and enjoyable and has encouraged me to continue."


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