Family History Gifts

One Surname Family History Tree example

Family Tree Research Gifts: ideal presents for a loved one or a treat for yourself.

A recent Testimonial provided with permission:

‘I gave Family History Gifts a big request in a small timeframe, but not only did they manage to complete it they done so in a thorough, professional and highly efficient way, my finished family tree proved a great hit with all my relatives over christmas as we spent the whole afternoon discussing what the Genealogist had found. Being able to follow all her progress online served to wet the appetite before the final edition was received. I would have no hesitation in recommending Family History Gifts to research all your needs and im confident that their findings will prove both informative and interesting, an ideal gift or treat for yourself !’
DH, 17th Jan 2012

Our bespoke Family History packages include:


  • ::Full Research by a professional accredited Genealogist
  • ::Contemporary family records showing ancestors
  • ::Photos of ancestral villages
  • ::Brief history of ancestral villages
  • ::Surname origins and local concentration
  • ::Explanation  and history of occupations
  • ::Family Tree Charts
  • :Spring back hard cover binder showing ancestors and their children, their relationships, religion, occupations and explanation of the records, how the tree was   researched and what to research next
  • ::Gift Recipients can include their family photos
  • ::Include Family stories, myths and anecdotes
  • ::Our unique and exciting online update service

Research time depending on budget is from 8 weeks; alternatively why not present one of our Gift Presentation Packs.

Thorough and full Family Tree service created by professional Genealogists for small and large budgets.

Another Testimonial used with permission:

”Received the research yesterday, thank you. I cannot thank you enough for the work you have done. My girlfriend will be absolutely delighted when she receives the Gift. I’d like to personally thank you for a great service and look forward to continuing the research at a later point.” Gareth P., United Kingdom

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