Family History Research

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We can research your family tree and are specialists in tracing family history. We provide a highly professional and accurate research service, using academic historical research techniques to locate your ancestors and discover your family history.

Traditionally, family historians have turned to Genealogists to help them solve genealogical conundrums when they have encountered problems with their own family tree research – we offer that service too. But, it has become an increasing trend for individuals to ask a Genealogist to ‘trace their family history’ from beginning to end, or as far as it is possible to go!

This of course suits individuals who have very little time or who have no idea about researching family history. It has also led to the fairly new idea of giving unique and personalised Family History Gifts.

Our Gift Packages: A Brief overview

We have designed our research packages to accommodate every budget and every ambition. Choose to start small with a study back to 1850, a One Surname Family History or go large with our Four Name Family History package. For full details of each package including inclusions, features and prices, please visit the Family History Gift Shop above.


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