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Established in 1998, Family History Gifts were the inventors of the family tree research package. Our pride in our high standards of research, our integrity, our vision are all at the heart of our longevity in a very competitive market.

A Family History Gift

Ever since we were established, our competitors have copied and followed our lead…


Unique Family Tree Research drawn from original documents
Our family tree gift research packages are designed to be a unique and personal journey that will take a person back through time to learn how their origins shaped who they are.


Five stars
'I cannot thank you enough for the work you have done. My girlfriend will be absolutely delighted when she receives the Gift. I'd like to personally thank you for a great service.'


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They will discover individuals they never knew existed and ancestral villages that were home to generations for hundreds of years. They will be enlightened by knowing how their ancestors lived and died, where they worshipped, and how their occupations influenced their community.

Real people, not shadows
Ancestors are not just names and dates on a piece of paper. We provide answers to the questions we all ask about our ancestors:


Who did they marry? What were the names of their children? Where did they live? What did they do for a living? Were they rich or poor? Were they orthodox or dissenters? Did they commit a crime? Serve their country? Write books?


What did they look like? Yes we have even found that! From fingerprints to physical descriptions of height, hair, and eye colour.


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Presentation… it makes the perfect Gift
All this researched, written, presented, and preserved in a wonderful volume of original documents – the perfect heirloom and family history gift for a loved one to treasure…..


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Five stars

'…when the report is done you get a fantastic document that becomes invaluable to your family which can be passed on for generations. Thank you to everyone at Family History Gifts who made this process so effortless. Well Done!'