Application Form


This form is only for people who have been given the following research packages:

  • Family History to 1850
  • One Surname Family History Research
  • Two Surname Family History Research
  • Irish Family History to 1850


Once you have submitted your Application Form you cannot amend it or add relatives to it, so please make sure:

  • Your information is full and accurate about names, places, and dates
  • Enter all females under their maiden names not their married names.

About the form
This is a Smart Form. New fields will appear depending on your answers and how much information you want to include on the family tree (see Optional Information below).

How to enter information
Throughout the form there are examples showing you how to enter information:

e.g. Ipswich, Suffolk (use for adding Places of birth etc.)

e.g. Linda Mary Turner born 12th April 1946 Ipswich, Suffolk daughter of William Turner and Alice Maud Lacey.

If you follow the examples exactly, we will understand the family relationships and it is less likely we will make errors when transferring your information to the family tree. See our Terms & Conditions regarding correcting errors you make on the form. There is a £45 admin fee plus postage to correct your errors after we have printed and presented your tree. So please be accurate and follow the examples shown in each field.

To delete the examples already in the boxes, highlight the text and press the delete key on your keyboard.

Before you complete the form…
The first page of the form provides details about the information you should have on hand so you can complete the form quickly. You can SAVE the form and come back to it later.

Getting more for your money
You can do this by providing any documents you have in your possession such as birth, marriage, and death certificates about the people you would like researched*. These can be scanned and uploaded via the form.
*You only need to upload certificates relevant to the surname being researched.

Optional Information
You can if you wish include the following:
Brothers and sisters of the gift recipient (but not their spouses or children).
Aunts and uncles of the gift recipient (but not their spouses or children).

Why don’t we research these people for you?
We do not research this information for you for two reasons:

  • Because of restrictions researching people born in the last 50 years.
  • Because it is very labour intensive and may use up your entire budget.

Changes as of 29th June 2020.

We regret that it is no longer possible to include spouses, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins etc. due to complications arising after the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

Not enough fields?
If you discover there is not enough room for all your information, you will find an Anything else you want to include? box on page six where you can enter other details about your family.