Ancestors in England?

London - Professional genealogists for ancestral vacations in England

If you are travelling to England for an ancestral heritage vacation we can provide you with one-to-one assistance while you’re researching your family tree. You can have your own personal genealogist accompany you while you are researching your ancestry in record offices, libraries, and archives around London.

Should you require assistance in towns and cities outside London, our genealogist can travel to those areas, but fees will apply to cover their expenses.

How it works


You will have already made your arrangements for travel and where to stay during your English ancestry vacation. Once this has been settled, contact us with details of your travel arrangements; we will then check our schedule for availability. If our genealogist is free, they will ask for you to provide details about your family and your research goals. This is so the genealogist can check available resources and draw up a research plan prior to your arrival.


A research plan is crucial for successful research during your stay. It will allow you to achieve as much as possible on your special ancestral journey.

Prices start from $235.00

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